Scotch N' Games
Scotch N' Games is a podcast about scotch and video games. Hosted by Graham Barr and Will Orford.

The video game world converged in a convention centre over two days in November to celebrate all things Blizzard. Blizzcon 2014 was the hugest yet, with 26,000 attendees, $750,000 in prize money awarded, and this year had one special, shall we say, distinguished, gentleman in attendance. That's right folks, our own Will Orford was on the scene in Anaheim and we devote our entire 24th episode to the pursuit of his Blizzcon adventures. WOW, Starcraft II, Hearthstone, Overwatch! It's all here in glorious sound! Joining us this episode is the Dun Bheagan, a very peaty but delightfully delivered single malt.  

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