Scotch N' Games
Scotch N' Games is a podcast about scotch and video games. Hosted by Graham Barr and Will Orford.

In this special Valentine’s Day edition of Scotch N’ Games, Will gives Graham a Valentine, Graham rambles about Jazzpunk and we tell people to leave Flappy Bird alone. We also wax poetic about the politics of DLC. 


Music (used under Creative Commons): 

Django Reinhardt: Charleston (1937) 

Django Reinhardt: Body and Soul (1937) 

Django Reinhardt: Baby Won’t You Please Come Home (1937)

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Scotch and games go great together. This episode marries the brilliant game, The Banner Saga with the rather passable McClelland Speyside single malt. Listen as both Will and Graham settle in for a saga of their own in the sixth episode of what iTunes is calling... New and Noteworthy.

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