Scotch N' Games
Scotch N' Games is a podcast about scotch and video games. Hosted by Graham Barr and Will Orford.

Man oh man, has Fallout 4 been taking up a lot of time at SnG headquarters! The hosts analyze the first 50 hours or so of wasteland wandering, nuka-cola gathering, and buffout taking! Someone forgot to buy scotch for this episode, so we grabbed the bottle with the most scotch in it to bring us through the episode. We don't want to set the world on fire, but we do want to set a flame in your podcast heart!

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We've been gone for a while, but nowhere near finished! We're back! The MGS series has had a hold on the SNG gentlemen for probably far too long, but we HAD to record our final thoughts on MGSV. So here they are...

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SNAAAAAAKE! Will and Graham have been playing the crap out of Konami's latest addition to the MGS series, Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain and we've devoted this episode to the game. We trust in our scotch, Ballantine's Finest, to bring us through the craziest, zaniest MGS yet. 

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In case you've lived under a rock, the MOBA, or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games, are all the rage right now. This was sort of news to both Graham and Will, who have never given these games the time of day. Well fret no longer! We dig in on League of Legends, DOTA2 and Heroes of the Storm. Do our intrepid hosts come out alive? Listen to find out. 


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Sometimes we go outside and enjoy the sun, sometimes we stay inside and play video games. Episode 37 explores this dichotomy and more! Join Graham and Will as they get into a bottle of the Oban 14 yr and talk Invisible Inc., Fallout Shelter, and more! 

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The conclusion of the epic trilogy of newmake whisky is here! Join Graham and Will as they dissect further distilled goodness. They also get into the messy politics of Steam Early Access and talk Darkest Dungeon and Gang Beasts. 


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SnG is back for episode 35. We continue on our new make whisky tour with months 4, 5 and 7. Will gets down and dirty with Hotline Miami 2 and Graham gets in deep in Witcher 3.

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New scotch, new episode! Join Will and Graham for the heady mix of homemade "newmake" whisky as they gear up for a three episode journey through the life of a whiskey coming to life! Then, Graham gushes over his oldest gaming love, Halo CE, while Will continues his Pillars of Eternity adventures. It's episode 34! Wow. 

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This episode Will and Graham are joined by the ever so super good Lagavulin 16 yr. It is very much a scotch's scotch. The gents also get into the PC release of Grand Theft Auto V, and get into the nitty gritty of Will's end game game, Obsidian's Pillars of Eternity. Will and Graham also argue about Hearthstone. 

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When you're drinking and you're gaming, well, magic happens. When two bet of friends get down to it, well, it's even more magical. Will and Graham do just that and get down to it with a re-visit of the Atholl Brose, a weird thing to drink in Spring time, but hey, whatever. We talk about Starcraft, Card Crawler, Netrunner, Cities: Skylines, and much, much more! It's whisper quiet! Enjoy folks! 

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Welcome ladies and gents to episode 32 of Scotch N' Games! We talk about the very sticky scotch tape from 3M innovations this episode, and talk about another classic playground game, as we always do, tic tac toe! Enjoy the rip of the tape as we do as we always do, talk about scotch tape n' games!

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Episode 31 features an exploration into the dark depths of Mordor, and cocktails! Join Graham and Will on a journey through Risk of Rain Co-op! Legend of Grimrock dungeon crawling! And last but not least, Shadow of Mordor! We pair our chats with some scotch cocktails, or as we have brilliantly combined into one time saving word, scotchtails. Enjoy folks!

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This is the big three-oh people! In celebration of yet another milestone episode, Graham and Will take on the toughest subject yet: Star Wars. Join in as our glorious hosts sip large amounts of Glenfarclas 15 and regale you with stories of the evil Empire. The Dark Forces series, Lightsaber Combat, KoTor, and much, much more is tackled with precision and wit. This is an episode you can't miss, so Sith down and enjoy!

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Magic: the Gathering is a card game, we know, but such a popular one with such podcast hosts as 'Will' that we decided to give it the ol' Scotch N' Games treatment. Join us as we imbue ourselves in some Aberlour 10 year and get to some planeswalking in Episode 29. 

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Spend Robbie Burns Day eve curled up with a wee dram and listen to the epic re-telling of a Friends of Laphroaig tasting event that both Graham and Will attended. Expand your scotch knowledge with new tips and tricks taught to you the only way your hosts know how, with scotch. Sláinte!

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The distinguished gentlemen make a triumphant return to the soundwaves in episode 27. Graham and Will sit down with Atholl Brose, a traditional scotch whiskey holiday drink, which delivers a pleasantly smooth drinking experience. This episode's feature game is Amplitude's Dungeon of the Endless, a genre bending rogue-like well worth the time and money. 

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