Scotch N' Games
Scotch N' Games is a podcast about scotch and video games. Hosted by Graham Barr and Will Orford.

The boys enlist in some future and past first person shooters! Graham and Will dive deep into the Mech-Warrior-meets-Human-Flight-Simulator: Titanfall 2. As well as muse on the macabre Battlefield 1, a game focused entirely on the First World War. It became increasingly difficult not to compare the two games, especially after a liberal amount of the Glenlivet 15yr!

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The boys expand on some of their favourite games! We explore the newest installment to the Baldur's Gate series Siege of Dragonspear, as well as The Witcher 3 DLC Blood and Wine. Of course, Graham gets utterly consumed by Gwent. We pair it all with the salty yet sweet Kockdhu AnCnoc Flaughter. It's a Romp of Otters! 

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In a quest to overwhelm our senses, we played a bunch of games this episode! We've got Lethal League, Crawl, Overcooked, Reigns and get deep on Deus Ex: Mankind Divided! We pair this all with the Deanston Virgin Oak - a sweet, boozy scotch. Enjoy folks!

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We proudly present our 50th episode! And before we get way to excited about celebrating an arbitrary numerical milestone, you should just listen to the episode. Will and Graham talk about Hyper Light Drifter, Doom 2016, and No Man's Sky! 

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The watch begins with the Tullibardine 225, a strong, fruity scotch aged in Bordeaux casks. Graham and Will then get into Overwatch, select some characters and vie for play of the game. 

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This episode of SnG is 2 years in the making! We fell in love with The Banner Saga 1 way back in 2014 and the hotly anticipated sequel is finally out. Join us as we get into the nitty gritty of Stoic Studio's fantastic followup, The Banner Saga 2. We also drink a rare scotch, the Hazelburn, from Campbelton, a lesser known scotch region home to only 3 distilleries. Enjoy!

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Listen to our 47th episode to learn about Will and Graham's time with Duelyst, Halo Online, Gears of War Ultimate Edition and much much more! We bring back an old favourite, the Laphroaig Quarter Cask. Come listen to what some reviewers are calling "certainly a recording of voices" and the high praise of "it's certainly not silence when you press play!"

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The FPS indiepoclypse is upon us! SNG follows up on our Witness adventures then gets thematic with a look at Firewatch and SUPERHOT. Our scotch is the mysterious and spooky Cù Bòcan, a lore heavy peaty scotch from the Tomatin Distillery. Enjoy our 46th episode responsibly! Or don't!

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We drink the Dalmore 12 year, an incredible, must drink scotch that uses sherry casks to much success. Graham lays out his quality time spent with 'The Witness' and Will mostly regrets playing 'Massive Chalice'. Enjoy folks!

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It's a wee late, but never not a good time for a wee dram. Our newest and 44th episode celebrates, tardily, Robbie Burns day! This episode also includes discussions on Hinterland's 'The Long Dark", Will's Gameboy Advance adventures and a deep dive into the final chapter of the Starcraft 2 saga: the Protoss focussed "Legacy of the Void."

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Will makes a computer! The boys play Rocket League! We play all the Halo games! We drink the Bowmore Small Batch! It's really peaty! 

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The boys pull a quick one and do a GOTY episode! And quite literally! This is a quick dip into the best game (or games!) of 2015. Enjoy!

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